When it comes to prosthetics in the Hot Springs Area, look no further. Every amputee has unique goals, needs, motivations, strengths, and physical attributes and therefore every individual is carefully assessed at the onset of the process to ensure these considerations are factored into the Hot Springs prosthetic treatment plan. This helps improve the ability to properly select prosthetic components that are well suited to each individual patient.

All Felix Brace & Limb patients get an interview and assessment, we evaluate each patient to obtain an anatomical model of the residual limb. This model is used as the starting point for the prosthetic interface, which is called the socket. Once the socket is fabricated, it is mounted onto the prosthetic componentry selected. Once the device is ready, we'll schedule an appointment for a functional evaluation. It is very common to bring the device home during the evaluation process. This is an important aspect of the Hot Springs prosthetic treatment that will usually result in improved outcomes. Once both the patient and Prosthetist are pleased with the interface and function of the device, the final stages of fabrication take place and Bryan produces a “finished” prosthesis.

The most common levels of amputation seen in prosthetics include Trans-Femoral (Above-Knee), Trans-Tibial (Below-Knee), Symes (Through the ankle), Partial Foot, Trans-radial (Below-Elbow) & Trans-Humeral (Above Elbow). At Felix Brace & Limb, we are capable of fitting all levels, all ages, and all activity levels.


-Interview and assessment
-Anatomical model
-Functional evaluations
-Custom prothstetics
-Trans-Femoral (Above-Knee)
-Trans-Tibial (Below-Knee)
-Symes (Through the ankle)
-Partial Foot
-Trans-radial (Below-Elbow) & Trans-Humeral (Above Elbow)

Felix Brace & Limb

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Bryan Sims
Owner, General Manager

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